baby costume dress

10 Baby Costume Dress To Dress Up Your Little Princess

Look no further for the top 10 baby girl costume dresses. These dresses are perfect for a photo shoot, a theme birthday party, or this upcoming Halloween. Baby girl will be sure to wow everyone with any of these adorable dresses! Make sure you get one that will capture the sweetest memory of their baby life!

baby costume dress

Baby Girls’ Cinderella Dress

Cindarelleee Cindarelleee! This adorable blue Cinderella onesie with tutu and headband crown is a perfect fit for baby girl. Sure to be the bell of the ball with this adorable ensemble! Evil step sisters not included. Also don’t forget her glass slippers! We can’t have her turning into a pumpkin. Hurry before the clock strikes midnight!

baby costume dress

Baby Tutu Set with Fairy Wings

What mother doesn’t see their baby as their own personal fairy sent from some magical land to enchant their lives? Well this adorable set up is exactly what you need to make the vision a reality. The cutest pink fluffy tutu, with the perfect bedazzled pink wings, and to top em off an oversized pink flower headband! Cuteness overload!


baby costume dress

Snow White Baby Dress

Ahhh to be a young Snow White with 7 dwarf friends, and magical animals who love you dearly. Baby girl will be the cutest version of Snow you ever laid your eyes on with this perfect dress. From the puffy sleeves, popped collar, the blue bodice, down to the whimsical yellow skirt. This baby dress is basically perfect. A perfect dress for a perfect Snow White.


baby costume dress

Baby Girls’ Belle Infant Dress

Be our guest! Be our guest! Your baby will be sure to steal your heart with this dress. A Belle infant dress with no fuss. Off the shoulder detail. Character emblem on bodice. Soft tulle draping the bottom half. And the pink ribbon and pink floral detail pulls it all together magically. Now top it off with the matching headband! Perfection!

baby costume dress

Baby Girl Bee Dress

Honey! This next dress is buzzing with cuteness! The bee dress is simply a classic. A stripped black and yellow bodice. Little puffed sleeves. A-line yellow skirt with a single black stripe lining the bottom of the the skirt. Finished off with a couple of white daisies. And to complete the look, a pair of baby bee wings!


Baby Girl Deluxe Alice Dress

Don’t follow that rabbit down that hole! Unless the rabbit is going to get you this dress for your toddler! This Alice in Wonderland dress is enough to drive you mad with how delightful it is. A perfect blue dress with the collar and puff sleeves leads into the mid length blue skirt with the white peekaboo liner on bottom. Topped off with a removable white apron just like Alice’s.

baby costume dress

Mini Kitty Girls Snow White TuTu Dress

Your little Belle will sure feel loved in this quality handmade Belle costume. A crocheted royal blue band top with red flower detail. Super luxe extra soft double layered yellow tulle for the skirt. Included with a matching red bow headband. This is perfect for whatever occasion you prefer to showcase your little Belle.

baby costume dress

Baby Girl Minnie Mouse Fancy Dress

Minnie Mouse will be the mouse of your house when you put this costume on your baby! So adorable. Red and whit polka dot “Minnie” skirt. Black bodice with Minnie Mouse emblem. White collar to match white puff sleeves. And of course a headband with the big round mouse ears and red and whit polka dot bow.

baby costume dress

Baby Girls Dinosaur Dress:

I am girl!! Hear me ROAAARRRR!! Now we’re talkin! A dinosaur dress with dino hoodie attached. A super soft, gold metallic dress/hoodie with hot pink spikes along the hood is perfect for any little girl who loves her dinos! This dress is just too cute for words. Your little dino will be sure to request to wear this dress for more than just a special occasion.

baby costume dress

Pumpkin Tutu Dress:

As if you needed another reason to adore your little pumpkin? Here is a pumpkin costume that can put the admiration in hyper mode for your baby. Stretchy orange tube top with orange ribbon straps. Layers of orange tulle for tutu skirt with green flower detail on waist line. Orange diaper cover. And green flower headband with orange band to finish your perfect little pumpkin.

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