16 Baby Girl Clothes Must Haves.

Baby girls will typically need several changes of clothes per day, having several styles in her bag at all times keeps you both prepared for any occasion and you having an appropriately dressed baby girl. Dressing your infant girl according to her daily needs can be a challenge but these additions to your baby girls wardrobe will make transitions easier.
Baby Girl Clothes Collection:


Adorable 2 Piece Pink Leopard Hoodie
When you think about comfort sweat pants come to mind. With t- shirt like soft pink material and leopard print accents this is an absolute winner in cuteness. Your baby girl will be nice and warm on chilly days and still have her fashion side too.

Delightful Camouflage
Todays styles are all about being diverse in your baby girls’ clothes selections. This cute outfit has camo pants and a t-shirt that says it all, add the camo head band and your baby girl will become a lovely little trend setter.

Onesies are still a must have
The onesie is easily the most versatile addition to you baby girls’ daily clothes. The fun and cute patterns make putting together an outfit for your infant a breeze, the onesie can also stand alone as a charming warm weather romper.

Jump for joy jumpsuit
Tasteful and classy this jumpsuit can be worn on any type of play date or excursion you may have planned for your baby girl. Available in both grey and red you should have no problems in coordinating your infant girls clothing ensemble around this piece.

Summertime Fashion Romper
With large floral prints and a variety of colors available this stylish infant romper could be worn anywhere. Baby girl clothing should all be this chic, with a matching head-band your little girl is sure to be the talk of the gathering in one of these rompers.

Polka dots are Priceless
With little tassels on the legs to the big old polka dots this is a fun- loving addition to your baby girls fashion collection. Available in three solid colors adorned with big gold polka dots your little girl will look like a princess with the matching head band, perfect for the play date in the park or lunch out with the other baby girls.

Sweats to Cute for Gymboree
Your baby girl needs to have comfortable clothes that are this fashionable. Perfect for every-day use with the trendy gym clothes look, these little girl sweats will look gorgeous while she gets her work-out in.

Soothing Jammies
When your little one is ready for bed the fashion doesn’t need to end there. Your baby girl needs her rest just like you, but she still needs a polished look, Gerber has taken the fashion from the sheets to the living-room with this sleep and play romper designed for your active baby girl.

Dress and Pant Sets for Baby Girls
Having the color coordinated pants to go together with these tasteful little girl dresses is a winning combination. Talk about making a mom’s morning easier, with plenty of styles to choose from you could even mix and match pants and dresses to give your baby girl her very own unique look.

Hoodies for Baby Girl
This wonderful take on the hoodie is sure to keep your infant girl warm and snug on cool days. Available in sizes up to 24 months this chic little sweat shirt with matching pants and head band will give your baby girl a warm comfortable hug.

Footed PJ’s for Little Girls
On cold nights keep your baby girl toasty with these classic footed pajamas from Carters. Time Tested mother approved, these footed pajamas are sure to keep your baby girl under cover even when she wiggles out from under the blankets. Pretty colors and built in slip resistant feet hep ensure your baby girl is safe and fashionable when she hits the sheets.


Warm Weather Wear
Another smart choice for your baby girls’ summer collection, you can never have enough cool and comfortable rompers in her daily clothing choices. With headbands for added cuteness these pretty jump suits are versatile enough to wear to any social event.

Blue Jean Baby Girl
Cool enough for any play date this outfit makes a statement. With the hip new trend of destroyed denim these jeans are a true fashion necessity for any little girls’ wardrobe. Paired with the off the shoulder lotus leaf top and matching head band, your baby girls clothing will meld with todays fashion styles. No matter if it’s shopping with mom or a day of pre- school, this outfit is sure to become one of her go-to outfits of choice.

Suspenders and Overalls
A classy take on overalls for your baby girl, a much more girl friendly look on a classic outfit. Suspenders have always had a place in fashion and have now made there way into little girls clothing styles, spring time colors help to soften this look and pair the shorts with a floral long sleeve romper and your little girl will be as lovely as a spring day.

Baby Girl Pants and T-Shirts
When it comes to comfort t-shirts are always a winner, this combination takes comfort and adds adorable making this another must have outfit in your baby girls’ closet. Little girl dresses often out shine pants and t-shirt combos but that’s not the case here, the t-shirt with the eyelash and bow combination give this a more refined look and add in the matching pants, it’s just an endearing little girl outfit.

Summer Dress and Hat
A summer dress and hat are both needed and appreciated by little girls around the globe in hot and sticky summer time heat. This is a smart choice to add to your toddler girls summer clothes, done in a light weight white cotton fabric so its soft and cool for your baby girl, she will melt hearts in this adorable little dress.

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