White Baby Dresses for Numerous Occasions

Now we are talking about babies here, so of course, we are going to show most common white baby dresses that come to mind, but what about a beautiful white, baby, flower-girl dress? Or a gorgeous white baptism dress? Or a white princess dress?

White dresses are always in fashion, and there are numerous occasions where your little angel can wear them.

Your little girl will look decadent in these ten white baby dresses for numerous occasions:

Lace Baby Girl Baptism Dress
This high-quality, zip-back, lace dress will make grandma proud at your little one’s baptism. This cotton white dress with a round neckline will be comfortable and non-irritating for your baby while you stand in front of a cute-stricken congregation. This dress comes in sizes from newborn to 24 months and is sure to make your little girl’s baptism memorable.


Newborn Baby Girls White Backless Dress
This light-weight, breathable dress comes with an adorable pair of baby bottoms and is perfect for summer and spring. The lace straps and high seam will make your little munchkin appear fashionable, babyish, and comfortable—perfect attire for a dinner out or outdoor play on a warm summer day. Available in newborn-24 months.


Little Baby Girl White Sleeveless Fold Dress
This tie-up and fold white dress for your baby girl is a great summer dress for day-to-day wear. Again, comfort is key, and this cotton-blend will be great for your little one’s sensitive skin. This dress is available for ages 1-6 years of age and might be so comfortable and easy to put on that you may just buy one for the next six years.


Baby Girl White Bodysuit Lace Dress
This next baby girl white dress is wonderful because it is a romper that has snaps. So often you find dresses that are so difficult to put on babies, but this convenient, lace dress will make any stressed-out-mom happy. Although we are talking primarily about white baby dresses, it is important to point out that this romper comes in blue and pink as well. It is available for newborns to 18 months, so get yours now!


TAORE Princess Baby Girl Bowknot White Floral Dress
This next white dress is a definite fit for your princess. Reminiscent of Cinderella’s gown at the ball, your little one will want to have this for her next party, play date, or tea party. Fitted with a bow on the back and layered with an appealing mesh fabric, your princess will be twirling and being the life of the party. This divalicious dress is available for 18 months-3-year-olds.


Baby Girls White Lace Baptism Flower Dress
I was a flower girl once, and I wish this dress was available for me way back then. If your little darling is scheduled to be in the wedding party, you should consider this white lace dress that is suitable for not only flower girls, but baptisms as well. Featuring a 4-layer-skirt, and various materials ranging from mesh to satin, this spectacular white baby dress will be a hit no matter what church event you are attending. Available in sizes from 3 months-6 years.


Lace Baby Girl Baptism Dress
This next dress is also suitable for both christening and young flower girls. The ruffled top and chiffon skirt will be perfect for all those photographic moments. Although its appearance is decadent, it has a super comfortable liner that will not initiate cries from your very publicly displayed little girl. This dress is available in sizes from newborn to 6 years.


Baby Girls Vintage White Lace Dress
In addition to white, this next dress is available in many different colors. It’s fully lined and has puff sleeves that add an elegance to this cotton-based one piece. The most striking quality of this dress is the lace collar that brings focus to your little cherub’s angelic face. It is available for 2-6-year-olds.


Infants Girls Ruffled White Dress
If you are going for a less formal look, this basic ruffled white dress is perfect. Let your little flower child wander in the fields or enjoy nature while wearing this breathable and comfortable hippyish dress. This is the dress you need for after the baptism or wedding. It is available in sizes 6 months to 24 months.


White Princess Wedding Long Sleeves Dress
This last dress brings us back to formal attire and its poofy bottoms and laced-long-sleeves make it a good choice for an autumn occasion. Although it looks like you need to bring it to the local dry cleaner, this is not the case, and it is actually easy to hand wash. The white bow on the back adds a stunning accentuation to an already beautiful, little white dress.

Whether your little girl has a baptism, a princess-themed birthday party, or outdoor gathering, these fashionable and adorable baby white dresses cater to many occasions.

Also, ignore the wearing no white after Labor Day. It is a myth, and let’s face it, your baby girl can get away with anything.

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